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Borrowing Limits 1/33

Borrowing Limits 1/33 published on 6 Comments on Borrowing Limits 1/33

Thorn (thinking): Gotta change out of my work clothes . . .

Gotta make sure I look nice . . .

Gotta get back down to the Embassy to pick up . . .

Thorn: Leif!

Leif: I wanted to try being the one picking you up.

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The title of this arc has me wondering, is Thorn borrowing from the bank to take Leif out and he’s reaching his credit limit, or is the embassy going to put a limit on the amount of times he can ‘borrow’ Leif to put Thon on a metaphorical leash?

Or it could be a limit of what he’s allowed to borrow Leif for. Probably something that garners the reaction “Sounds fake but OK”, but a limit on what he’s allowed to borrow Leif for nonetheless.

(Like for example, you can’t borrow him for your cousin’s father’s brother’s wedding, that’s just making stuff up, that’s not a reasonable reason to rent our Best Servant, shoo)

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