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Borrowing Limits 24/33

Borrowing Limits 24/33 published on 10 Comments on Borrowing Limits 24/33

Thorn (thinking): He’s sweet, he’s clever, and he likes being scratched behind the ears . . . Be still, my beating heart.

Thorn: Do you want to get out from here?

Leif: “Out of here.” And yes.

Thorn: . . . oh! I forgot to ask if you wanted to check out any books.

Leif: Not today. Right now I have everything I need.

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It is interesting how much of Thorn’s thoughts are appearing in Sonska. Also, dawwww!

As someone who uses two languages more or less equally I can say that you start thinking in your second language pretty easily, especially when you’re around someone you use that language with. Nowadays I think and speak in a huge mess of Finnish and English since I’m mostly around people who speak both x’D

It’s fun to figure out the transitions! He started thinking in Sønska when he remembered something Leif had said, and switched back to Ceannic for this literary phrase, where he could maybe manage a word-by-word translation but it wouldn’t have the poetic weight of the original.

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