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Borrowing Limits 27/33

Borrowing Limits 27/33 published on 12 Comments on Borrowing Limits 27/33

Kale (thinking): Hang on . . . that’s Thorn and what’s-his-face. His Sønheic friend from Summerfest. The one with a fleurcode on the back of his neck.

Are they kissing because his debt is all paid off and it’s gone now? Or . . . are they kissing because it’s part of paying off the debt?

Should I get involved? I don’t think Thorn’s the kind of person who takes advantage . . . but how can I be sure? I wish . . .

Tiernan (thinking): You stay out of this, buddy.

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I thought standard operating procedure for cases like this was, “When in doubt, act.”

If you don’t know the full situation, sometimes it’s better not to step in. You don’t want to accidentally make things worse – or ruin a moment for someone else. Besides, it’s not his business in any way, shape, or form – even if he is Thorn’s friend (which is kinda doubtful; they’re sorta between acquaintances and friends right now), he still has no right to intrude on Thorn’s personal life. He can ask later when this has been resolved if something’s still bothering him after whatever’s about to happen with Tiernan, but unless Thorn specifically goes to Kale for advice, Kale does not have permission to poke his nose into Thorn’s private affairs.

Admittedly, that’s a social norm that people often forget about – most people assume they have some kind of inherent right to poke their nose into people they know’s personal lives, regardless of how well they know them. And if he didn’t know Leif and Thorn at all, he probably wouldn’t be getting involved to begin with, unless things took a turn that he seriously didn’t approve of (violence, slapping, cries for help, etc).

Leif’s fleurcode (I’ve gotta remember that) is still there. This IS part of paying off the debt, but Leif is defs consenting as best he can… but he won’t be able to prove he’s consenting to Kale without maybe letting it slip that oh boy does Leif like the kisses, which likely means no more non-zap kisses unless Thorn pays for the whole package.

I may actually be a bit mad at Thorn now. I’m sure he’s feeling a bit conflicted still about paying for… hands-on physical activities… but on the other hand, from a certain point of view, he’s stiffing Leif on a commission to some degree here.

I don’t think Thorn IS paying for physical intimacy. That’s where the whole problem comes from. He’s NOT turned on by even the most minor dubious consent. He wants to know, needs to know that Leif is okay with this and doing this freely of his own free will and not as any kind of ‘part of the deal.’ If he pays for physical intimacy, then Leif is obliged to give it, whether or not Leif wants to. And that is EXACTLY what Thorn wants to avoid.

So he did NOT pay for smooching privileges, just to take Leif out for the day. That’s why he made the point of saying “you can’t stop me if I do X, can you?” Leif isn’t in trouble because he ‘isn’t asking’ and ‘can’t stop’ Thorn from kissing him. Thorn is the one who is pushing the limits of what he paid to do with Leif, crossing lines he didn’t actually pay for. That’s what the title of the arc is about, would be my guess.

So, upshot, it’s confusing and we get to be confused right along with poor Thorn and Leif here as they sort this out to the best of their ability. XD;

@Fox: That is exactly what I mean by uncomfortable. And I STILL think Thorn is maybe starting to tread into the black a bit here. Leif is enjoying it, yes… but Thorn maybe shouldn’t be pushing and pushing and pushing to see where the line is.

Now I’m having an imagination moment in which Thorn pushes in juuust the right way and… zap. Thorn backs away from Leif… and then Leif pounces, having discovered that sometimes? Well, Sometimes making the compulsion gem angry is gravy.

@Khyrin My point was that I don’t think Thorn is “stiffing Leif a commission”, I think he’s trying to find a way to be intimate with Lief that doesn’t enter into dubious consent and an imbalance of power more so than they already have. We have no indication that Thorn would push Leif that way, he’s been very very careful with him and respects his boundaries. Besides, Leif’s compulsion only polices HIS ACTIONS, not his thoughts or desires and is not affected by Thorn’s actions at all, which they have already covered.

But I think what Flyboy is saying is that from Kale’s perspective, Thorn MIGHT be sexually harassing/assaulting Lief, using payment as a means to do it, and so Kale should stop it. Remember, he’s not privy to the mental gymnastics we’ve all been watching up to this point. So it’s not about getting on Thorn’s business, it’s about stepping in when you see someone being hurt.

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