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Borrowing Limits 28/33

Borrowing Limits 28/33 published on 20 Comments on Borrowing Limits 28/33

This strip went live briefly a few months ahead of time, due to a queue snafu. If you saw it then, congratulations! — now you know how we got here.





Leif: Ahhh!

Thorn: Leif!

What happened? Did I —

Leif: N-no. That was all me.

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So to storm the imperial palace in Sonheim we’ll need at least a reinforced company sized force with air support assets, the objective is to kill the emperor and hold the more important heirs to the throne hostage in order to force the immediate release of all indentured servants by the Sonheimic government. The fighting should be minimal, the fact that they have no concept of firearms and modern body armor gives us a clear advantage. As for vampires we should employ tactical placement of landmines in accordance with the Bernadotte strategy. Any questions?

Obviously, I bow to your superior knowledge, as iirc, you are active military… but I have Concerns.
1: Your plan seems to hinge on the assumption that ‘spell-tech’ doesn’t allow for things like ‘arrest the motion of anything over a certain speed coming within 1 meter of my person’ and is counting on guns and body armor to just no-sell all magic.

2: they absolutely have a concept of firearms, e.g. repeating crossbows. Once again, if we want to ensure success, we cannot assume that these weapons aren’t improved with spelltech to have equal or greater penetration via some sort of acceleration in the weapon itself, or some sort of small burrowing-gem-tipped bolt.

3: holding the heir(s) hostage may not do any good.

Unless spell-tech is passive, a simultaneous strike on all guard posts surrounding the palace combined with airstrikes at the nearest installations to the palace should create enough confusion that any spelltech requiring activation can be effectively neutralized. The other factor is that confusion on the battlefield is valuable. Magic might make a lot of noise, but airstrikes and even your basic rifleman can wreak a lot of havoc on people using crossbows and blades.

Unless we’re talking a modification that makes a crossbow bolt fly faster than the sound barrier, plate armor used in most modern flak vests should stop it. Also, the crossbows we’ve seen have no real sights compared to modern red-dot and ACOG sights. That increases the effective range of a rifleman compared to a crossbow user. Combine that with aerial support from either helicopter gunships or strike craft and you’re looking at the complete decimation of Sonheim’s palace guard in roughly thirty to forty minutes if you’re taking your time.

That one I’d like to know the reasoning, because unless the vampires really want to show their hands they’d have to support rescuing the little bastards.

as far as spell-tech being passive: We’ve not really seen it in action, but we have an example of spelltech that is somewhat self-activating. The air-carriages have cushioning spells that take the place of our airbags, and some other spells as well. That sort of thing would be rather useless if you have to touch the gem in the split-second before impact.

on crossbows: That was pretty much exactly what I was thinking. There is likely some form of stabilizing spell in effect as the crossbow bolts we saw had no fletching, and we don’t know from what the bolts are made.

My reasoning on the heirs is: you can’t hold hostage what might not exist. And you can’t depend on the people who actually HAVE the authority to undo millions and millions of crowns of debt to give a flying feather about someone else’s kid. The ruler likely can’t just say “and lo, all the servants are free.”

I presume that this has a limit though. It might be able to stop a magazine of rounds, maybe two, but if you concentrate fire on a spell tech user with those abilities I doubt it would last. My guess is that the crystal has to use so much energy on deflection/dampening that it either loses power or cracks.

We never got a range on that range in the embassy. For all we know that was equivalent to a pistol qual, with 25 yards being the max distance, and frankly not quite indicative of variables like wind and weather. Also, several of the bolts did show movement in-flight judging by the impact at the target.

From what we’ve seen of Sondheim so far, I would doubt it if that is the case. We haven’t heard about any legislature, an independent judiciary, only that they have a horribly classist system and utter disdain for anyone not of Sondheim. Hold the royal heirs hostage and kill the sitting emperor, you have some very valuable bargaining chips.

We’re now getting into some murky conversational topics. I would prefer to err on the side of caution. and I feel kinda off about just casually executing one person for what has to be centuries of tradition, especially since it’s likely h/sh/ze inherited the situation, since we know the vampires do NOT rule the nation, since they still have to LOBBY to get the ‘undeath tax’ repealed.

although I did look back… they have Presidential elections, but in Hyacinth’s opinion, they are a joke because they’ve been ruled by “the Beringar dynasty since 572 —” which means you’re likely killing someone for the sins of the parent’s parent’s parent. There are a LOT of reasons that any ruler can’t just overturn a system immediately, especially one that is nominally used to balance the books when someone can’t pay.

Question: What will you do when you find out different physical laws of Leif&Thorn universe makes your technology not work?

You are assuming that everyone in their universe is just stupid and didn’t realized how to construct firearms, despite having flying air carriages and spelltech-based world network. More likely, they tried and it failed for some reason caused by difference in physical laws.

So far I haven’t seen any evidence that the laws of physics in this comic are all that different from our own. If you can punch a bastard to drop them, you can pull a trigger to send a firing pin into primer to ignite gunpowder to send a full metal jacket round into a winged bastard downrange.

Erin Ptah is unlikely to know enough of physics to justify it correctly, but if she will say it’s not possible it’s not possible.

Can be that gunpowder burns too slowly, too fast, too unreliably or is too hard to obtain. Or maybe the speed of sound is slower, limiting the speed of bullet.

Even if you get gunpowder working, you may have problem with airplanes, lasers or electronics. The more advanced technology you try, the higher the chance it won’t work.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t need to bother with human attack force. Send dark templars with carriers for air support, cloaked by arbiter. Much more effective. Much more likely to not work in different universe.

Oh, no no NO!!! … well, at least they’ve had their moment, right? Such a beautiful, romantic and… very short moment. *sniff* Okay, now I’m gonna go hide in a corner and cry a little.

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