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Borrowing Limits 33/33

Borrowing Limits 33/33 published on 3 Comments on Borrowing Limits 33/33

Update: I got a couple of guest strips, but not enough to do a week in March. So even if you missed that deadline, you can still submit new guest strips whenever you draw them, and I’ll save them up for a week later in the year.

Also: We have a wiki! Feel free to suggest pages you want to see — or make an account and start adding them directly.


Thorn: Sorry, I have to take you home soon . . . Do you want more water, or anything, before we go?

Leif: No. I’m ready.

Thorn, I . . . I really . . .

. . . need to borrow your bathroom.

Thorn: Oh! It’s that door over there.

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I’ve been following you for a while. I never commented before but I really like the world, the story and the characters you have created. There are many sujects that you adress with great sensitivity regarding multiculturalism, romantic orientation and gender. This is a fine work and a very nice webcomic to follow. Thank you.

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