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Borrowing Limits 10/33

Borrowing Limits 10/33 published on 11 Comments on Borrowing Limits 10/33

Leif (thinking): It’s the first time I’ve been on a non-monitored connection in . . . years! I can go to any site I want . . . I can . . .

[search box]
how to
how to screenshot on smartcrystal
how to watch kolpovision free
how to make cheesy saag
how to learn magic fast
how to calm household spirits
how to draw a heartsword

how to break
how to break a curse
how to breakdance
how to break up with someone
how to break a lease
how to break spellquery loops
how to break a compulsion

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Yes, throw off the shackles!

No, I don’t want him to be hurt!

and I’ve sure this is going to HURT. the last time he triggered the compulsion he was torn between “Keep Iona and Ragnhild safe because they are children and you are an adult” (a compulsion of the sane, and “do not touch the minister’s children” (a compulsion of the crystal).

This is flat-out rebellion if he actually does it.

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