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Borrowing Trouble 1/49

Borrowing Trouble 1/49 published on 7 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 1/49

New storyline! Getting back to our main couple, and starting it off with a bang. (*rimshot*)

…There’s an alternate version of this strip on Patreon. Same art, just without all the conveniently-placed shadows and speech bubbles. If you’re into that sort of thing.

But don’t worry, we didn’t just skip over a ton of buildup, their waking-world relationship still has a good ways to go.

The title is a callback to the 2017 “Borrowing Limits” storyline. Welsh people aren’t a thing in-universe; Tiernan’s comment is a fourth-wall-breaking Winsor McKay reference.

[mmmmm . . . ]

Thorn: I am wanted to have this doing for such long time.

Leif: Thorn . . . I know exactly what you mean.

Thorn: I love you. What do you want me to do to you? Or you to me. Anything.

Leif: Dear . . .

Leif (singing): Lock us up / Pretend that there’s no other way for a country to be / You can’t say it enough / We won’t just forget that we’re people, and we have dreams

Thorn: What . . . ?

Phone alarm: I’ll be back! Soon you’ll see! You’ll discover that you can’t hold me!


Tiernan (thinking): Shouldn’t have had the Welsh rarebit before bed, huh.

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