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Borrowing Trouble 14/49

Borrowing Trouble 14/49 published on 13 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 14/49

Thorn: Okay, I’ve been wondering: if we really did meet for a reason — Can I step in? Just for a minute? For privacy.

Kale: . . . okay, we can talk in the entryway.

Thorn: Thanks. I’ve been thinking about things I — want. And how I can’t make them all happen on my own. But if I could use your magic . . . if that would get it done . . . There are problems where I just — I’m out of other things to try — you know?

Kale: And you’re thinking . . . maybe we met so you could . . . use me?

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Thorn come on, you know better than that. Say what you mean in plain Ceannic or don’t say it at all. Don’t play games with my man Kale. He’s had too much of that to endure it from you. You’re being extremely rude, but the least you could do is be blunt about it.

Actually, I think this ties in with what Kale said after he spilled his guts to Thorn. Someone or something wants them near each other, and the way Kale is talking means he’s recognized what Thorn thinks the situation is.

Granted, Thorn as we know will immediately make it clear he won’t “use” Kale and that he won’t do a thing unless Kale agrees.

As for the entities or individuals that set this up in the first place, I fully expect Thorn to need a very good reason to not fuck them up.

Bad Thorn.

No matter how evil sonska is, this isn’t about Sonska, this is about Kale, who has feelings, and is a person, albeit a damaged person with somewhat limited mental faculties at the moment. He’d probably be a lot more functional if it wasn’t for the massive amounts of trauma he’s suffered.

Regardless ‘using’ him as a weapon against Sonska is just as bad as slavery.

Careful now, “just as bad as slavery” is a really high bar to clear…

Using a mentally ill person as a weapon… or for that matter simply using a mentally ill person, is just as bad as slavery because if you understand them and their mental illness well enough you can set things up so that they basically don’t have any agency in the affair.

And I say this as a mentally ill person. I know that there are situations where I would simply do things to escape certain negative stimuli. And they’re not negative stimuli that would read as coercive to a neurotypical person. But it would be essentially no different from “Do this or the beating continues”.

He thinks Kale could break the compulsions, doesn’t he.

The other options I can think of are to mind-control people higher up at the embassy (unlikely to work and seems out of character) or to somehow leverage healing (I can’t see how to apply it here and Kale’s not unique in being able to do it) or translation (seems useful here, but he’s already tried to hire Kale as a translator for this situation and I’m not sure why that would require meeting in person). Or, I guess, somehow leverage Kale’s infamy, but that seems dangerous as well as cruel. I don’t think he would.

I have a feeling we’re about to find out what would make them send Leif back up north in the AU.

The thing is, we don’t know if a mage can actually get inside of spelltech. Also, the boss has said before that a lot of Leif’s blockades are built around how he views himself and his deserving to be treated like this. Thorn asking K to do this doesn’t mean he won’t be lying to Leif. Because let’s face it, if Thorn was honest and said he wants to disable the gem? Leif would run right back shrieking that Thorn was trying to do something.

I mean… I suspect Leif would start with very mildly expressing that he was uncomfortable with Thorn messing with the legal and appropriate compulsions? Thorn doesn’t seem like he’d ignore that warning and get to the point with the shrieking and running.

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