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Borrowing Trouble 18/49

Borrowing Trouble 18/49 published on 9 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 18/49

Leif (thinking): It doesn’t look like a top-secret site? Maybe anyone can make an account. If it wants personal info, I don’t have to finish.

Obviously, I can’t reuse my sign-in and password from the Embassy system . . . Or any other accounts I have. And it’s not like it needs to be memorable, right? I won’t ever use it again?

Unless . . . maybe the smartcrystal can . . .

Crystal Clippy: Yes, you can save a locked file to this device! Would you like it to be accessible by:

  • Leif and Thorn
  • Leif and [other specified person(s)]
  • Leif and NOBODY ELSE

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Wonder why Thorn would include that option (assuming it isn’t standard with that kind of bracelet). If the embassy found out about it I would assume it could get them, or at the very least Leif if he saved something without telling them, into trouble.

I feel like Thorn probably bought a standard device and customized it by providing his and Leif’s identity. The question is, was it from the open market, or was it from a channel that is specifically hoping that Leif will be looking stuff up for Katya or someone else in the embassy.

If it was from a channel that is hoping to facilitate some espionage, the option makes sense, as does an option of ‘Only other person’. However, any ‘Only person not Leif’ options look explicitly espionage-friendly. This looks like it was designed to not look like it was explicitly to facilitate espionage. It’s a romantic security device that’s designed to at least look like the person who gave is loaning it to Leif is trusting their partner.

Of course, with *any* device that allows for restricted file storage, there’s the question of how restricted is that file storage really? It could be it claims to be restricted, but there’s something “anybody” could do to access the file (I’m thinking Windows 95 security here), it could allow a specific other party access to anything, it could allow anyone with sufficient resources access to anything, it could be legit, or it could occasionally not even allow some or all people it’s supposed to allow access files to access them.

I would expect that yes such feature is standard in devices like this … and it’s standard BECAUSE this is not first time someone needed plausible deniability, so they made sure that the standard device is loaded with features for espionage.

Remember that this is not some cheap stuff, it’s high-end model.

And of course, there IS some third party who can access the data, but NOT Sønheim. Remember that the device has serious anti-tampering shields …

Chmmm … damn. I can’t find where he got it for Leif …

I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a Thorn and Nobody Else option. Don’t ask me all the applications of such an option, or even if I’ve thought it all the way through bc lol I haven’t. There might be a big flaw in my halfbaked reasoning that would totally negate “Embassy can’t force Leif to open file”

The possible file designations in the bracelet reminded me of something we did for our middle child when he was little. He had to share a room with his brother, and they were so close in age that they mostly shared everything else, too– toys, equipment… He needed something that was just his, a way to feel in control. My mom bought him a lockbox with a programmable lock so that he could put private things in there and no one else could mess with them. Thorn is doing that, exactly: giving Thorn control and privacy in the small, protected way that he can facilitate.

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