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Borrowing Trouble 19/49

Borrowing Trouble 19/49 published on 9 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 19/49

Leif (thinking): Now, if I can hide and lock the library smartcrystal display, I can get up for a minute . . .

[tap tap tap]

Librarian: Hello — uh, hello! I help you find Sønska books?

Leif: What? No! No book.

Librarian: ??

Leif (thinking): First title in the row makes a random username . . . First symbol of each title after that makes a random password!

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Remember: random means “unpredictable” not “unrelated”; this is actually good opsec

… apart from the fact that it’s a library, there are probably some books from that row that have been checked out that will be returned, and there are probably some books in that row that will be checked out the next time the password is attempted to be recovered.

Of course, that assumes he’s not chosen well. I’m guessing he hasn’t, because he’s gone for the eye level books, where people go to browse “at random”. But he’s a neophyte, so mistakes are being made.

He’s also, unless I’m misreading this, writing down his username and password in the smart crystal using a file only he can access. So remembering or referencing the password isn’t really an issue.

Presuming there aren’t ways for the embassy to force him to open it. Guy literally has no rights, they can make him open it if they decide they want to know what’s inside.

[taps head] Can’t make you open something they don’t know exists

Note that they can also just ASK him what he was doing. He wouldn’t think about lying even if the conditioning wouldn’t prevented that. The moment they stop believing that him reporting “nothing important happened” is reliable he’s toast.

Remember, Leif’s smarter than a lot of people give him credit for! If they directly ask him, ‘What were your activities while you were out’, he could respond with “I went to the library with Sir Thorn, then we went out for dinner” and that would all be the truth. These guys see Leif as loyal as they come; they’ve no reason to suspect that he’s snooping around or anything of the sort.

Checked-out books will be returned, existing books will be checked out, mis-shelved books will be re-ordered, old books will be weeded, new books will be added…even if someone knew what Leif’s formula was, and managed to land on the exact same shelf he used, their odds of being able to reproduce this exact password are verrrrry low.

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