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Borrowing Trouble 20/49

Borrowing Trouble 20/49 published on 5 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 20/49

Leif (thinking): I thought Thorn would be back by now. But this could take a while to read . . . maybe it’s better if he keeps himself busy.

Kale: This is about Leif, right?

Thorn: Well.

Kale: You couldn’t find any legal loopholes in his contract — no surprise there —

So you want me to reroute Embassy security while you sneak him over the wall?

Thorn: . . . Nnnot exactly.

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Thorn, you’re better off saying that you hadn’t really thought through exactly what you were thinking because that’s a true statement, and it lets you go on to say that you wanted to get Kale’s input on the idea before you invested anything else in the thought, because you valued his perspective and experience on the matter and didn’t trust yourself to consider the right things on your own.

Admitting to the details of what you hadn’t thought through is probably not going to go anywhere you want to be.

Bonus brownie points on this for sortof accidentally propping up Kale’s self-image, since he has a very negative view of himself (not without reason, mind, but he’s working on it, right?) and doesn’t trust his own thoughts.

And it also shows to Kale that he’s not alone in these bad ideas, either, which is something I think he feels a lot; his perspective is that everyone else is fine, and he’s a problem, not that his problems aren’t really all that different to a lot of other people, he’s just had a lot of power to make bigger, more visible mistakes. Imposter Syndrome is a thing, y’all. :-/

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