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Borrowing Trouble 21/49

Borrowing Trouble 21/49 published on 9 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 21/49

Thorn: Don’t get the wrong idea — if Leif wanted that, I’d —

Thorn (thinking): He knows I’d do it. Any time he asked. . . . doesn’t he?

Thorn: But if I grab him without his permission, that’s just — kidnapping. No matter how much I dress it up in “it’s for his own good.”

Kale: I mean, fair. But what else . . . ?


Kale: Thorn, if you want any shot at my help, you have to tell me what this is.

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Did Leif ever tell Thorn about his compulsion didn’t work in this storyline? If Thorn knew Katya had successfully hacked them without anybody noticing it, he could just ask Kale to do the same with the compulsions coded for Ceanska magic. Without being too specific about his plans for the night.

As far as Leif still knows, that was “Iona gained the right to give orders, the chip was fine and would’ve zapped him as usual if she didn’t.”

Oh, I thought when Katya admitted the minister didn’t say anything about Iona gaining the right to give orders and talked about mistakes being made, he would have guessed the lack of shock had an other reason. (How do they gain these rights anyway? If it was by signing a contract Iona would certainly have noticed. ^.^)

So if I’m reading this correctly, Thorn wants to “assault” Leif to get around his programming, and now wants to use Kale to do so and also allow Leif to reciprocate, but Kale’s hypothetical about kidnapping has made Thorn realize that, even if Leif were all for it both before and after, to use Kale’s powers in this way without recourse for Leif would indeed be assault.

(I admittedly wrote this post of two minds whether to use the word “assault” or a sharper one.)

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