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Borrowing Trouble 26/49

Borrowing Trouble 26/49 published on 9 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 26/49

Also from the Twitter summary of this storyline: “Leif is: accessing locked data, but only for boring, non-suspicious reasons.”

Related: the character profiles list has been updated! Featuring important new arrivals like Atarangi’s headmates, Hermosa, and the color-coded vampire servants, especially Valrún.

And speaking of…readers, how do you feel about the cast page? Do you like the “characters are placed in loose groups with their co-workers/families/friends” organization? Would it be easier if the groups were spelled-out and separated with different sub-headings (e.g. “knights”, “mages”, “Embassy staff”)? Or maybe easier if I went in the other direction, did away with the grouping-by-association completely, and just put everyone in alphabetical order?

Are there characters you’ve gone looking for on the cast page, but they still aren’t there? It’s not supposed to be a comprehensive list of every minor character — that’s what the wiki is for — but I don’t want to leave out anybody too major, either.

Leif (thinking): And that takes care of Katya’s thing! . . . what should I do next?

Conscience: Look up something nice we could do for Thorn!

Temptation: Three words: No. Porn. Filters.

Self-preservation: Let’s all just calm down, and read a government-approved news site for a while.

Search box: V

Temptation: That’s no fun.

Conscience: . . . I don’t wanna.

Self-preservation: Nope! No! Nothing good will come of this!

Search box: V A L

value city spelltech
valor definition
valuable books

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Who wants to place bets that he’s typing in Valrun? Also I love how literally none of the shoulder… helpers(?) are down for this plan.

Now I wonder what would be the proper search terms to find a certain servant / criminal if they lose their surnames? Would a search for “Leif *old surname*” or “Leif of Rocky Rapids” lead to Leif of Sønheim? The other way round most probably not.
On the other hand Valrún might be infamous enough for what ever incident caused the dept. What will he find out? I worry along with the little Leifs.

Re: The Cast Page, grouped by… well, groups, with helpful subheaders, would be nice! That way if someone’s looking for ‘that one member of Thorn’s Knights’ or ‘That one person from the Embassy, you know, with the hair’ they have a good starting point. Alphabetically is a bit awkward if you don’t recall their name, I find.

Agreed. Alphabetical or whatever might be good for a small cast. This isn’t one of those.

I’d say order it by group and subgroup, like they are now, and then maybe in picture order. Um, I don’t know what that last term means either. But when I’m looking for a character, much of the time, the picture’s more important than the name.

Erin, I really like how you do the cast page! Most often when I’m on there looking for character details, I am going by a major attributes like their job or family relation so subheadings under the current format groups would be useful. I’m awful at remembering names unless they’ve been linked to details like that previously!

Im a person who goes by a name or a face first, so alphabetical is easier for me, but the current layout is fine for me to navigate. (Also I extremely forgot his parent’s name was Valrún and was like “why is he looking up Valorant??”)

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