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Borrowing Trouble 27/49

Borrowing Trouble 27/49 published on 5 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 27/49

Leif (thinking): When my parents first got arrested, I tried following the news about it . . . It was horrible. Gave me nightmares. Finally I blocked all the keywords and stopped looking at any of it.

I only found out that my father died in prison because a classmate heard the news and mentioned it.

And my supervisor made it clear . . . if I show any curiosity about them now, it’ll be a danger sign.

I could be locked up too, if it looks like I’m at any risk of following in their footsteps.

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“Gave me nightmares” huh? Request clarification, is it because of the actions taken by his parents, or because of the descriptions by Sonheim’s media of what they did?

I feel like we’re going to find out the answer to this on Sunday. Also, Leif is about to get some real culture shock, because the version he’s about to read about will be very different.

Not Sunday, we’re following the teens for the Sunday spreads for a few weeks it looks like.

Wouldn’t bet on this. If whatever Leif is about to find out about his mother is revealed to us in the next strip it might take a whole page and the teens pause this Sunday. If we don’t see it right away Erin might take us back to Thorn and Kale and later Leif gets a whole page to tell Thorn what he learned. Either way I don’t think we’ll see how Valrún is doing now in just three or four panels.

Honestly, it was likely because it was re-traumatizing related to the loss of his parents. My husband and I are working through foster parenting classes. Whenever children are removed from their parents/ caregivers, or their parents/ caregivers are removed, the children usually experience the shock of the loss as a trauma, which can take YEARS to deal with and accept (if at all). This trauma can happen **even if** the caregivers were the ones causing harm to the child. Children are biologically predisposed to form attachments to whomever is/are their primary caregiver. So, in Leif’s case, he was probably trying to find answers as to why his parents were gone, but the news just reminded him (repeatedly) that they simply were GONE.

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