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Borrowing Trouble 28/49

Borrowing Trouble 28/49 published on 2 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 28/49

Just in case anyone thought I might still be planning an elaborate bait-and-switch…Leif’s parental flashback reuses Valrún’s “people who were arrested with me” flashback.

And since Leif’s incredibly advanced multi-layer mental shields have been on my mind recently, they were the theme for June’s Patron-exclusive wallpaper. Your support helps me host the website, buy supplies to make the comic, and even do a little advertising — you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

Leif wallpaper

Leif (thinking): But. But it’s not an order that I can’t look them up. And now I’m on a connection the Embassy can’t track.

And it’s not even hiding anything, really, because there isn’t any risk I would do like they did. I just . . . want to know if anything else has changed.

Do I want to know? What if it’s something I regret finding out?

Okay, Leif, just run the search first. You don’t have to decide right away if you want to look.

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