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Borrowing Trouble 29/49

Borrowing Trouble 29/49 published on 5 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 29/49

Kale: Look, Thorn . . . I don’t have to decide now about the bracelets, right? Don’t get your hopes up, but — It’s not an emergency? I can think about it and get back to you.

Thorn: This is not a Sex Emergency, no. Same with your . . . advice. Maybe I’ll take some? But not right this second. I should get going, anyway.

There’s really nothing I can do for you? Pick up some supplies? Take out the recycling? Trim those bangs?

Kale: Can you catch the guy who stabbed me?

Thorn: That’s . . . a little outside my range.

Kale: Then, no.

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Just walk around the world yelling “where’s the guy who stabbed me” until you hear Dexie yelling “not a guy!” or they die from psychic misgendering damage.

…hope Pas has a better plan.

Even on Earth it’s moderately common for “guy” to be gender-neutral-ish, though it’s not fully neutral. Probably Ceannic has an actually-neutral word of equivalent informality.

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