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Borrowing Trouble 3/49

Borrowing Trouble 3/49 published on 15 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 3/49

Thorn (thinking): Nothing like a brisk morning jog to work to clear the mind.

Rowan: . . . obviously the accounts get suspended, Abuse teams aren’t going to just shrug at death threats —

Juniper: Sure, clearly.

Rowan: But Archie’s still . . . Thorn!

Thorn: Hi, Rowan, Juniper. What’s new?

Rowan: Plenty, boss . . . but you look like you need a hot shower first.

Thorn: Sure. “Hot.”

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Thorn, if you wanted a brisk job, you could have kept the muffler down instead of over your nose!

So, from the sound of it Rowan is discussing upcoming plot points for Magical Victims Unit with Juniper?

And once again, the real life commentary is as subtle as a marching band in a preschool.

i’m confused. So anything that happens to any people in the real world is real-life commentary lacking subtlety when included in fiction?

“People get death threats online” is a thing that happens in the real world. “Obviously no responsible Abuse team would just ignore them, gosh, that would be ridiculous” is commentary.

Do, uh, have you ever gotten death threats?

I was being sarcastic…. I think its absurd that someone would accuse you of making heavy-handed social commentary just because things that happen in the real world also happen in your comic (and/or people have opinions that may or may not match real world opinions)

Even when I’m hot and sweaty I still take a hot shower XD I try, really I do, to take a cold shower in the summer to cool off, and I just can’t.

It took me way too long to realize that I could set my own definition of “cool shower”. It would probably feel warm to most people, but it’s what my body interprets as refreshing. Actually cold would have my body freaking out and my lungs trying to shut down.

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