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Borrowing Trouble 30/49

Borrowing Trouble 30/49 published on 6 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 30/49

Thorn: See you later?

Kale: Not like I’m going anywhere.

Don’t look at me like that. You can’t go outside and be inconspicuous any more than I can.

Besides, soulbonded pets are smart enough to . . .

Thorn (thinking): I guess this was a bit premature, huh.

Kale (voiceover): . . . you don’t need walkies, is the point. And I’m sure Thorn has more important stuff to do.

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Why would Kale be worrying about Niamh being inconspicuous on walkies? Is he/she really that unique? Does he think the assassin would try to target his dog?

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