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Borrowing Trouble 31/49

Borrowing Trouble 31/49 published on 12 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 31/49

Thorn: Whoa, sorry —

Leif! What happened? Are you okay?

Leif: You’re back — I was just looking — I think I need some air.

Can I take a walk?

Thorn: Of course. Anywhere special?

Leif: . . . Can I take a walk alone?

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What in the gods’ name did this poor guy see?

he googled his parent and presumably found out the Ceannic version of what happened to them

Which was likely decidedly more like Valrun was totally innocent or, worse, actually a hero in various ways, such that the accident was just a convenient (or arranged?) mechanism with dealing with said hero without political fallout at home.

I’m less certain Leif saw Truth. What is Truth? In my lexicon, it’s what really happened. And that is something that only Erin knows, if anyone does. Everyone else is limited to their imperfect perceptions, skewed further by their personal biases.

To be clear, I’m not saying there’s no truth and anything anyone ever says is a valid perspective. We all have met Angelicas. Most of us have deliberately told or even fabricated falsehood. Lies exist and are easy to prove. It’s the diametric opposite of the Lie that is difficult to nail down.

Well, yes. There are plenty of situations where the truth is easy to find. However, if the situation is important enough someone starts hiding the truth … they can easily succeed. Not in convincing people about what they want, but by making sure that all evidence for truth is destroyed or buried in false evidence. So, the other side’s idea about what happened could be closer to truth, but never Truth, or at least they can’t prove it.

Personally, I see just one possibility of “being a hero”, but quite possible one: it might be that not only Valruns didn’t caused the accident, but what they did was objectively the best they could done and while it still resulted in some loses, it was much better than alternatives.

… as a special case, it’s possible their decision saved more lives but resulted in bigger material loss, and the government was so hard of them because they would preferred it the other way around.

Off the top of my head 1 that it’s been proven that his parents didn’t do the thing yet he’s still on the hook for it 2 is that he thought they were in prison this whole time and they’re not including his dad who’s actually still alive 3 is that his parents somehow no longer indentured because they signed off on him taking the total of the debt

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