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Borrowing Trouble 32/49

Borrowing Trouble 32/49 published on 8 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 32/49

Thorn: If you need to be alone, you can do it. Of course.

Leif: This has maps, right? I can just go, and it’ll show the way back?

Thorn: Right. Or, use the emergency call thing, it’ll show me the way to you. It’s okay.


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You know what I think Leif found. As someone said yesterday, he found a Ceannic source, but that source wasn’t exculpatory (after all, Valrún herself seemed to think she was guilty), but rather it was a statement from the famous wife of one of Valrún’s victims…

We don’t actually know what she did was worth being jailed for though. Thinking you’re guilty doesn’t mean you’re “guilty”. You can be at fault without committing an actual crime. And certainly not one with a life sentence, enormous debt AND basically blackmail/indenturing your son.

It’s made pretty clear she feels like it is an accident here: And that she thinks shouldn’t have been charged with a crime.

Plus, why would they put Leif in servitude? They’re also doing a LOT of work to make sure Leif doesn’t do the same thing. And they specifically kept the crime from him. Just knowing about a crime usually doesn’t lead to committing it.

Also, who are you talking about? We don’t even know what she did? Whose wife?

Leif does know what his parents did. Or at least, he knows the official, government-approved story about what they did.

(He’s even made an oblique reference to their specific crime — in a conversation that wasn’t about his parents in general — earlier in the comic. In case anybody here wants an Olympic-level archive-diving challenge.)

I think this is a reference to his conversation with Kale where he implies that his parents committed murder, assault, kidnap, and/or abuse of a child? Of course, according to Blue, whatever Valrún did get people killed, but incurred only civil liability. According to Ingrid, it was infamous nonetheless.

I won’t be cheeky; this is a reference to a potato I posted twice in the most recent quarantine arc that Valrún sank the Margaid. (It was proximally sunk by a sea monster, but that seems appropriate to Valrún incurring only civil liability.) Literally no one bought it but me.

On a related note, I should watch Jamaica Inn, even though I’m told it was so bad that du Maurier almost didn’t give Hitch the rights to Rebecca, his sole Best Picture winner. (Of course, she was over it by The Birds.)

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