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Borrowing Trouble 34/49

Borrowing Trouble 34/49 published on 7 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 34/49

Leif (thinking): I ran a long way . . . surprising they even bothered with a limit, when it’s that far . . .

Thorn: Hey, kitten.

Leif: Thorn? You have your healing gem?

Thorn: Sure. Are you hurt?

Leif (thinking): Won’t say that I got zapped . . . it just makes him sad.

Leif: Headache. That’s all.

You got here fast. Do knights just train in running a lot?

Thorn: . . . To be honest, I was tracking you. We never really got very far apart.

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Wait, if Thorn was close behind the entire time it couldn’t have been because of distance from each other. My guess is it might be to keep Leif away from a specific area?

Leif was confused because if proximity was required he was already too far away. Thorn revealed that he was approximately keeping pace, so they were never too far away.

But he wasn’t exactly in-step with him. Leif could have momentarily crossed the “too far” threshold easily enough.

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