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Well, bye Val, we’ll probably see you a bit during the Quarantine with the Vampires stories if those continue but otherwise BYYYEEEE-

I suspect that we will SEE her die. Doesn’t the timeline match?

Why did Leif think he was paying off Valrun’s debt, otherwise?

…I mean, yeah, it’s Sonheim, but why did Leif “my indentured servitude is completely fair and justified” think he got that debt?

He didn’t go into servitude because his parents were dead. He went in as soon as he was old enough for it to be legal, and Valrún was still alive at that point.

But in Valrun’s trying to stay alive because she thought that would save Leif from lifetime servitude?

(Or is her service what would make the difference between “50 years” and “life”?)

I’m guessing that when Leif said how much his debt was itnwas going on the assumption his mother was still alive and paying it off. Now that (he knows) she’s dead he would know his debt has increased.

I don’t think so.

I see two possibilities: First, he checked for the amount after his mom died – he didn’t remembered or didn’t ever know the value from before that so no suspicion.

Second, the debt is like shared. He said total value and didn’t mentioned the assumption two people are working on paying that off because, well, it didn’t mattered anyway.

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