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Borrowing Trouble 36/49

Borrowing Trouble 36/49 published on 5 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 36/49

Leif: “It’s plural when it’s slang for insanity. Same as ‘crackers’ or ‘nuts’.” Thorn: “Oh, I thought ‘nuts’ was slang for…something else.”

Leif: I never told you, but, my debt — it’s from my parents. And a few of their, um. Accomplices.

Thorn: I . . . only know that word from crime dramas.

Leif: Well. They’re criminals. . . . Were criminals.

And I — I think I’m the only heir. The only one left to pay for their crimes is . . . me.

Thorn: That’s what your debt is? But you — I know you were just a kid when — And all fifty million are still . . . ?

Leif? This is banana.

Leif: “Bananas.” It’s plural. Also, it is not! This is just how debt works!

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