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Borrowing Trouble 37/49

Borrowing Trouble 37/49 published on 10 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 37/49

Thorn: Leif, this — it isn’t how debt works in Ceannis. Do you know that? I think —

You can’t win this battle, but you still think it’s your job to fight it. So every day you get up and you put on your boots and you go back in.


That’s brave. It’s amazing, how brave it is. But. If you ever want to go somewhere else — You have to know, no matter how much it cost, I, I would —

Leif: Thorn, stop! You can’t say — The cost. It would be too much.

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I understand the sentiment of wanting to say that doing this thing makes Leif very brave and all, but…

…well, speaking from experience, “doing something you’ve been doing for most of your life” isn’t exactly brave, it’s just a fact of life. There’s no bravery, just acceptance.

I think I understand a little of where you might be coming from, because I’ve had my own experiences of doing something I’ve always done. But just because it doesn’t FEEL brave to the person doing it, it doesn’t mean it’s NOT brave. It just means they’re so accustomed to doing something brave, it feels mundane. Obviously, I don’t know your experiences, but I’m so sorry you’ve had to become resigned to doing something so challenging. You deserve better. I hope you’re speaking about a period in your life that has passed, but if you’re not, /you deserve better./ You’re in my heart.

Thank you for the kind words. It’s, sadly, not something that’ll ever really pass. Be better than it was before? Sure; but unless things change in my lifetime I’ll be continuing to deal with it… probably until I die, really. But, again, thank you for the kind words. It does mean a lot to know that people care.

Money isn’t the only fungible system. Some debts can be paid in blood.

Yeah, in a universe where vampires exist? That can be a little more literal.

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