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Borrowing Trouble 38/49

Borrowing Trouble 38/49 published on 5 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 38/49

Notice that Leif doesn’t waste any breath on “I am not worthy of such a gesture” or “but Thorn, think of the problems this would cause for you.”

He cuts straight to the argument that carries actual weight with Thorn: “this will have lifelong consequences for me, and they wouldn’t make me happy.”

Pretty sure this is also the first time Leif has given Thorn any indication, even indirectly, of “not only has this rebellious and illegal idea occurred to me, I even treated it as a realistic possibility, and have spent time thinking through the results.”

Leif: I want —

Thorn (thinking): Does he mean it “costs too much” to say, or . . .

Leif: I want to go home, Thorn.

Thorn: . . . to the Embassy?

Leif: To Sønheim.

Not right this second, but. one day. Eventually I’ll be transferred, or re-sold, or even just get to attend some diplomat on vacation.

Doesn’t matter where . . . I’d be happy to see anywhere in the country . . . But not as a fugitive, or as some kind of stolen property. As someone who’s allowed to be there.

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Thorn activating vacation powers, GO!

So, he should give more money to the nation that made the person he loves a slave?

He’s doing that anyway by renting out Leif for dates, and imo supporting small Sonheic businesses on a vacation to a border town would be less worse than exclusively spending money on renting out Leif. Individual mom’n’pop shops don’t have the power to affect the servant system.

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