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Borrowing Trouble 4/49

Borrowing Trouble 4/49 published on 6 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 4/49

[Embassy Guard office shower]

Thorn (thinking): Hang on just a minute.

I . . . had my burn scars. In the dream.

After the dragon, anything I dreamed about, it was with my old un-burned body . . . Took at least a year for my subconscious to “catch up” to how I actually look now . . .

And I haven’t slept with anyone since it happened, so I guess I just . . . never got around to having a sex dream with scars in. Until now.

Until Leif.

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Thorn’s internal self matches his external self… for now, just wait until he gets the eyepatch future!Thorn is wearing.

For me, this never happens all at once. I’m not entirely sure it ever finishes. I mean, I had a dream earlier this year that I was in a high school situation, and the appropriate age for that. I’m decades past that point.

As far as when it really starts… I had a dream back in 1990 that, based on the tech and everything, took place in or after 2015, and in that dream I was an appropriate age, more or less, for it to have been after 2014. So I’m not entirely sure it ever really starts, either. I think it’s just sort of a process that we have.

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