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Borrowing Trouble 45/49

Borrowing Trouble 45/49 published on 7 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 45/49

Their first kiss! You remember, back in…uh, 2016.

The timeline on the wiki will confirm that it’s only been a year in-universe. You’ll have to do your own calculations for “how long ago did Leif say ‘I love you'” and “how far back should they retroactively admit that they were, in fact, a couple.”

…that also means this is Thorn’s birthday. He hasn’t been having great luck with those, huh?

Leif: Thorn . . . It feels like I’ve loved you forever . . .

. . . but I only said it a few weeks ago! I guess you could argue we started being “a couple” before that — But a year?

Thorn: You’re right, of course! What I thought was — This is technically the anniversary of our first kiss.

But if you don’t want to do the risk, you can say. You’ve been hurt enough tonight.

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Ah yes, one of mankind’s greatest enemies: Webcomic Time.

Aww. Does either of them remember Leif thought he was supposed to be Thorn’s present the year before? Would past year’s Leif have questioned an idea like that at all? I love how much his self-esteem improved since then.

Not sure if they remember that specifically, but Leif definitely remembers the headspace he was in.

It isn’t just the self-esteem that improved — Leif now trusts Thorn to be “someone who genuinely thinks of Leif as an equal” and not “a rental client who’s going to treat him just like any other, including taking offense if Leif isn’t subservient enough.”

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