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Borrowing Trouble 46/49

Borrowing Trouble 46/49 published on 4 Comments on Borrowing Trouble 46/49

Compare this to Leif and Thorn’s first experience at a sit-down restaurant, and you’ll appreciate why Thorn ordered everything as mild as possible.

(Also, take a moment to appreciate the leveling-up in background art.)

The server this time is another backer cameo! Jonnie Irvine, from the BICP Master’s Edition campaign.

Leif: I think it’ll be okay. As long as I read the situation, and only do what’s absolutely necessary to prove that we’re a couple.


Server: Uh . . . happy anniversary, are you ready to order yet?

Thorn: Can we get your mildest appetizer platter — and some more ice water? In fact, maybe just leave the pitcher.

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The menu design reminds me of a sushi restaurant. Do they have sushi in Leif and Thorn’s world?

They do!

…which doesn’t mean they have all the same associations of “restaurant design choice X is used when selling food Y.” But yeah, any kind of food made on Earth is gonna have something similar produced in one of the Leif & Thorn countries.

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