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Boyfriend Trousers

Boyfriend Trousers published on 7 Comments on Boyfriend Trousers

Okay, granted: Thorn no longer remembers this interaction. But let’s take a look at what might happen if he did . . .

Broadcast: Hedge & Grassie will be back after these messages.

Leif: I see why you like this show.

Thorn: Aren’t they wonderful? When I was in hospital, it was in the news that I was a fan, and their company sent me flowers.

Hey, Leif . . . I did a thing. The other day, I used the word “boyfriend” to refer to you.

I know it’s not really accurate, and I did not mean to presume . . . I just wanted a person to understand how I’m not interested in dating anyone else. And this was easier than explaining all the real details. But if it bothers you at all, I will not do it again.

Leif: Um . . . did you look up how to translate this word?

Thorn: “Boyfriend” is closest.

Leif: Oh! That makes a lot more sense.

See, in Sønska we use your word “boyfriend” to call a type of pants.

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…How? How is that not accurate? You date him, you love him, he’s your boyfriend, what the hell’s with the qualifier?

Maybe because he has to pay a rental fee and Leif is unable to reciprocate freely because of the compulsion

Also, beyond those points, Leif may be uncomfortable being labeled that way.
I know a couple in a committed, decade-long relationship who reject Husband and Wife as titles to be applied to them, referring to each other as “capital Bee Eff Best Friends” instead.

Keep in mind that when Thorn said “I love you,” Leif said “no you don’t” and cried a bunch.

So Thorn is taking care not to push any level of intimacy that Leif might not be comfortable with. Leif hasn’t explicitly agreed to the “boyfriend” level, so Thorn won’t just presume it for him.

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