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Call and Answer 1/26

Call and Answer 1/26 published on 7 Comments on Call and Answer 1/26

Last storyline in this arc.

…And the last storyline that’ll be in Volume 4, when it comes to print. But that’s next year. First we have to do the Kickstarter campaign to print Volume 3 — get ready, because that one’s coming next month!

Thorn: Leif . . . ?

Leif: Thorn! Are you okay?

Is Kale okay? Niamh’s been worried!

Thorn: Leif, didn’t I say — . . . We’re okay, yes. It’s all taken care of.

Leif: Oh, good. . . . Can you show me how to turn this off?

Goldenrod: A foreigner? Maybe we’ll be lucky, and he won’t have understood . . . whatever he saw.

Thorn: Leif always understands more than you’d guess. . . . And never lets on most of what he knows.

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