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Call and Answer 17/26

Call and Answer 17/26 published on 17 Comments on Call and Answer 17/26

Or, in other words…“I tried to hold you back — but how could I ever refuse? Couldn’t escape if I wanted to, knowing my fate is to be with you…”

Leif: Thorn . . . You make me so happy. All of the time.

I still don’t always get you — but I started thinking, so what if one day you surprise me in a bad way? We could deal with it! I would want to! You’re worth it.

Then I got to thinking, for no particular reason, about how dangerous your job is. I could lose you — not just to some transfer, I mean really lose you — Then you’d be gone, and I never would’ve told you that I love you. And it would hurt so much! Because I love you.

[mmMMM– ]

I also thought for a hot minute that I should tell you to “make your life simpler” by forgetting about me and giving Kale a chance.

Thorn: [snrk]

Leif: But now, also for no particular reason, I think that might not work out so well.

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That kiss did not seem strictly necessary under the terms of his current contract, I’m wondering how Leif didn’t get zapped.

Surely if the ruby bracelet protected him from being reprimanded, the embassy would have discovered that during their extensive analysis.

…or has Leif simply achieved mastery of holding still in a “I’m only tolerating this and did not initiate it” way?

Aaaaaaaa! This page made me so happy! Not only did I cry, but I danced in place for awhile!

Also, Leif is still being smart and circumspect here, with his “for no particular reason” stuff. Way to go Leif, survive what the Embassy is doing to you for now. Then, with Thorn’s help, (and years of Therapy) start to unpack the damage. But that is Future!Thorn’s and Future!Leif’s problem. For now, let these cinnamon buns have their moment.

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