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Call and Answer 2/26

Call and Answer 2/26 published on 11 Comments on Call and Answer 2/26

New behind-the-scenes post on Patreon! Storyline notes for Dex’s big showdown, comic lineart, character sketches, and Pascentia’s extremely-old-school (or should I say young-school) origins.

Thorn: You’re not in trouble, okay? Thank you for taking care of the dog.

Leif: Of course! She looked so worried.

So, um — do we like these people?

Kale: C’mere, girl.

Thorn: Yes! They’re Kale’s friends.

Leif: Sorry I followed you . . .

Thorn: Well, it’s okay — you didn’t see anything you weren’t supposed to. In fact . . .

You didn’t see anything that memorable at all. Okay?

Laurel (thinking): Oh, I see it now! He was the guy with the dog.

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Man I sure hope Goldenrod didn’t understand that exchange

If they’re professionals, they’ll bring in a translator that isn’t K and make sure he didn’t see anything.

Does Laurel’s face-blindness apply to animals as well as people? It doesn’t make any difference to the story; I’m just curious.

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