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Call and Answer 20/26

Call and Answer 20/26 published on 13 Comments on Call and Answer 20/26

Goldenrod: I do magical celebratory light shows. They’re flashy, but harmless.

Tansy: About the person who called in that “wellness check” . . . Here’s how she interacts with my son. On video. Yesterday.

Hawthorn, kiddo? Has anything happened tonight that bothered or upset you?

Hawthorn: Yes . . . There was this person who wasn’t being quiet in the quiet room.

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Love the officer’s look of disgust in panel 2

I slept on this comment.

Yes, Gloriosa’s behavior is atrocious… But that’s not what the officer is here for. They’re here to make sure that Larch and Tansy aren’t awful.

That said, it is now the time to start taking legal measures against Oleander and Gloriosa. Best case scenario, they were hoping they could just muscle in and otherwise be perfect guests[1]. Worst case scenario, They have decided to dedicate themselves to ‘rescuing their babies’ from that vile temptress who has clearly worked some sort of evil on Larch to turn him against them.

Be calm, be thorough, and let the courts do the talking.

[1] Yeah, right. And if you believe that one, I’m looking to sell the toll rights to a bridge in Central.

I’m hesitant man. It’s clear that the Feabhric (Spelling, I know) ethnic group has a bit of a superiority complex over all others. Depending on the judge or way the evidence is interpreted, it could wind up still making trouble.

Oleander and Gloriosa may hope the officers find out Larch and Tansy are awful. The officers are probably more concerned with the possibility that someone drunk too much and the party fun got out of hands. Which wouldn’t be reason to take kids away or something.

I have wings! 😀 I’ve always wanted wings.

I really like the design! Love the hair

The whole look is wonderful. Excellent work, Erin.
Ariel is my current favorite D&D character, a wood-elf druid from the Selesnya Conclave on Ravnica.

omg I just realized why she has wings here
her favorite wildshape is a goose, and I suggested in my brief that her Magical Person outfit refer to that
this just keeps getting better

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