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Call and Answer 22/26

Call and Answer 22/26 published on 8 Comments on Call and Answer 22/26

TV announcers: Our twelve points go to . . . Hello, Central! Good evening, Kolpos! We have contact with the judges from Homu! Homu, how do you vote? . . . to Beal! … Tamapoa, douze points!

. . . and we have the winner of the Kolpovision Song Contest 3013!

Tansy (whispering): If there’s anything the in-laws might try to surprise us with that I should know —

Thorn (whispering): Don’t worry, sis, I’ll send you a full write-up.

kale.r (text): Will leave quietly soon — don’t worry. I’m told to shelter in place @ home until further notice.

testragon (text): oh good to know, thx

Juniper: Boss, we can tell something’s up. If there’s any way a team of knights could help —

Thorn: Not a military issue, Juniper, I promise!

Leif: Um . . . does the voting have to take this long? Can’t they call it for the front-runner by now?

Thorn: The rest of the countries still want to cheer when they get points!

Thorn (thinking): Maybe Leif has a point, though . . . This already kinda feels like the longest night of my life.

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To quote Rifftrax, “Jeez, that line’s so meta we’re lucky the world didn’t end.”

Thorn is lucky. Other webcomics characters had much longer days. In El Goonish Shive, some days took year and half … and there is one case where five comics week is used to depict two thirds of a second. Freefall has similar year-and-half long day … Girl Genius has THREE YEAR long day and two minutes lasting whole month …

… brave souls might look at other examples at tvtropes:

Wait, I thought Kale was still at the party, but that text message makes it seem like he’s back at home? But his handler was here only two comics ago and there hasn’t been any obvious time-skip. Why would they stay if Kale left?

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