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Call and Answer 23/26

Call and Answer 23/26 published on 16 Comments on Call and Answer 23/26

Finally, after all that, we have a winner! (And now you know why, in the last panel of the goth kids’ side story, they were watching the Tamaputian song — it’s the reprise.)

How is tiny Tamapoa going to host a multi-species concert?…they’ll figure that out when they get to it.

Announcer: It’s TAMAPOA!

Contestants: You did it! / Congratulations! / Wooooh!

Winners: Thank you, Kolpos! Thank you, Ceannis! Look at us!

Rowan: Really?! Come on! Homu was robbed!

Lepida: Are you mad enough to flip a carriage over it?

Kiki/Sandy: Aaaaaugh! / Woooo!

Announcer: Let’s hear the winning song one more time!

Hermosa: Huh. Good for them.

Tansy: You did it!

Mata: Those amazing singers did it!

Tansy: Well, you helped!

Mata: Ohh, and this means Tamapoa gets to host the next contest!

This year we engineered a bit of stagecraft . . . Next year we get to do a whole stadium.

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I’m personally hoping Tamapoa makes like, a giant floating saucer or some kind of island-ship stadium for the sake of the next show, just because I am a sucker for things like that.

I’m gonna be honest here and say that I immediately thought “Giant work-project for a tournament that is meant to promote international friendship and co-operation? That pretty much equals Floating Stadium.”

Well, no. I tell a lie. My first thought was “Amity Colosseum!”, but I don’t recall if Erin has mentioned watching RWBY.

I understand why the would be arresting Hermosa, but are the restraints really necessary? He doesn’t seem capable, or even all that keen on resisting arrest or attempting an escape. He’s already warned Dex about the sting, so there doesn’t seem to be much reason to fear that he might discreetly try to contact them.

(Speaking of Hermosa, could you add tags for Kallie Neineikura, Hermosa Zikos, Pascentia Zikos, and possibly even Magnolia Persil, presuming that fluffy-haired silhouette in the background is her?)

I think they’re arresting Hermosa because he was *supposed* to encourage Dex to come home, and was supposed to keep the call going longer for the trace. He didn’t explicitly tell Dex about the sting, so his lawyer has wiggle room that may be enough to get him released. But the non-rogue Ceannis law enforcement people in the loop on the Kale situation are very much not happy with how he handled that call, so for now, arrested.

As far as the lawyer’s ability to get him off – if Hermosa’s lawyer can convince them that by warding Dex off when Dex would absolutely know it’s not safe to come home, and by ending the call right before Dex would’ve anyway, as a trained agent, Hermosa will be able to get Dex to come home earlier than would happen otherwise, and that this was Hermosa’s intention, Hermosa should be let go shortly after that.

This is, of course, a big if, because I’m pretty sure most of us understand that really was not Hermosa’s intention. Hermosa seems to want the happy ending for everyone without anyone going through the pain of imprisonment or exile, but would prefer Dex to endure exile rather than imprisonment.

There are probably other ways that Hermosa’s lawyer would be able to get them released, but none of them avoid a night in jail, at least.

It doesn’t strike me as reasonable that they would arrest him simply for not participating in a sting operation to capture his spouse; he should legally have had the option to not participate. His active choice lie to authorities about his intentions and then to warn Dex though would rise to the level of aiding and abetting a suspect’s escape from capture.

It’s still enough to arrest. Also, even in his current state they know he’s an experienced agent with some training that can help him overcome his disability. You’re also gonna have to remember that this is black operations territory. Normal law and procedure doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with state secrets a lot of times.

I like Pas being both a good sister-in-law and a good law enforcement officer. Yes, Hermosa needs to answer for what he did and yes that does mean needs to be arrested and stripped of every programable device (which unfochanlly includes his eyes) but she is helping him follow the competition with the senses he still has access to.

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