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Call and Answer 24/26

Call and Answer 24/26 published on 18 Comments on Call and Answer 24/26

Leif: That was amazing! Those top ten votes? I was on the edge of my seat! . . . yes, I was on the floor. It’s an idiom . . .

Of course I’ll watch next year. . . . No matter what happens. I’ll find a way.

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…*Rages incoherently so bad that Khyrin will have to explain why I’m so angry at Thorn right now*

Hmm… I’m gonna guess… Thorn didn’t neutralize the RECORDING SPELLGEM in Leif’s shoe.

Damage mitigation: Lief was most likely not wearing his shoes when he saw The Thing, absolutely was not wearing shoes when Thorn told him “you didn’t see anything you weren’t supposed to. In fact… You didn’t see anything that memorable at all.”

We don’t know the quality of the recording gem. Did it pick up Thorn’s assessment, or did they just get a low-quality bootleg of Kolpovision because that was louder? Better yet, did it even record anything at all?

If it DID record something, is it going to be able to replay it after Goldenrod and Magus Percil were anywhere near it while they’re handling a black book operation?

I’m envisioning an utterly unsubtle “Oh, hi there, spy. Enjoy listening to [Ceannic equivalent of Lambchop and Sheri Lewis singing The Song That Never Ends] on loop until this gem is completely scrubbed.

I saw the explanation. I still don’t understand.

The shoes were presumably removed when they arrived, and were not put back on until they left. They didn’t hang around the shoes. Unless the spell gem can see through walls, it recorded nothing of vital importance.

If Sønheim knows enough about Kudzu to recognize that “he” attended, then they will get that. The vast majority of what they get was not particularly useful.

It feels to me like this particular spell gem was fairly well neutralized, just not necessarily in the way you would’ve preferred. Instead, it was neutralized in the *best* way, as it was evaded without discussion, simply by custom, and without Leif even being aware it was evaded.

@Autistic Observer: I missed that.

@Some Ed It isn’t sight i’m worried about, it’s sound. In the house I inhabited ages 6-13, you could hear conversations in the Family Room/Den/We Are Watching TV Together Room as clear as a bell from the front door.

@Raen @AllanV @Some Ed He could have neutralized it more thoroughly by stuffing the shoes into an airtight box or something to minimize its ability to pick up sounds.

Also: Hearty Dose of “We, as readers, have more time to anticipate this stuff, as we are experiencing the character’s lives at a speed of days to seconds.” I am not complaining about the writing in the least!

Orrr maybe Thorn could’ve taken care to make sure sensitive conversations only happened while the recording device was on the other side of two large speakers, continuously playing the broadcast of a loud musical event with an equally-loud audience.

Perhaps an event that explicitly came up in the strip right before this one, to re-establish “yes, this is still playing, and the audience is still loud.”

Just a thought!

And nobody better get too confident in their anticipation skills right now, since it doesn’t seem like anyone connected the dots of “The Embassy always bugs Leif” + “Thorn routinely scans for bugs and deals with them” + “Thorn let certain conversations happen in range of Leif while Leif was still wearing everything except the shoes” in the months leading up to today’s strip…

No idea why you’d suddenly get mad at Thorn now…there’s absolutely nothing in this strip that hasn’t already happened, on every other date (or not-date) he and Leif have been on.

The previous date strips gave the impression that Thorn was being smart and neutralizing the spelltech Sonheim was putting on Leif’s clothes. So if he forgot his due diligence and is getting complacent, I’m not happy with him.

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