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Call and Answer 26/26

Call and Answer 26/26 published on 7 Comments on Call and Answer 26/26

This will be the last daily strip of Volume 4! (The Kolpovision book!)

But first: Join us on Kickstarter to fund the print release of Volume 3! (The Leachtric book!) Watch this pre-launch page to get notified the minute it opens.

I’m going to round out this week with some of the lovely Leif & Thorn guest art that’s been piling up. Relax, take a breath, enjoy the filler, and start placing your bets on who’s going to star in the incoming “Finally, Erin Gets Around To A Topical Pandemic-Related Plot” storyline.

Sigvard: Captain . . . we thought spying on Sir Thorn would be so easy that we’d be fools not to try it. But he’s clearly aware of our efforts. And diligently blocking them. Even if we ever get through — his guard’s up now.

Anything we’d care about seeing . . . there’s no chance he’s letting Leif near it.

Sigrún: Unless Thorn’s being so diligent because he’s exposing Leif to things that would be worth our trouble.

. . . But I take your point. We’ll never find out . . . unless we get him to let his guard back down.

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So first off, that one panel looks very.. renaissance? Classical? I’m not an art person but it looks great.

Second, I REALLY hope that Kale doesn’t have any sort of flashbacks from whatever disease spreads. I’m also wondering if he’ll be needed and will have to be formally trained in his healing skills? Even if he’s less good than others if they need all they can get…

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