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Call and Answer 5/26

Call and Answer 5/26 published on 9 Comments on Call and Answer 5/26

Thorn: Kale? You still good down there? . . . It’s okay if you aren’t. No pressure.

Kale: I . . .

[smak smak / clatter]

Hermosa: frickin– Answer call.

Kale (thinking): I don’t want my handler — much less a stranger — listening in on this.

Kale (switching languages): . . . I thought I was going to die, out there.

Dex (on call): Hermosa?

Hermosa: Hey, love. I didn’t expect you to call. Is the party that bad?

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Dangit Erin I know you like to leave us on a Friday cliffhanger but this may be the first time you’ve managed to leave us on THREE CLIFFHANGERS AT ONCE.

I only count 2: how Kale is processing, and the Dex/Hermosa stress. Is the 3rd Pascentia and Co. chasing down Dex?

Hermosa: Is the party that bad?

Dex: Well, things kind of went south after I tried and failed to murder Kudzu. On an unrelated note, get packed up, we need to move to an underground bunker and go into hiding for the rest of our lives. See you soon my gorgeous and sensitive husband!

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