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Call and Answer 9/26

Call and Answer 9/26 published on 22 Comments on Call and Answer 9/26

Dex: I . . . I didn’t know that’s what you wanted. All right, honey, listen . . . I promise, unless it’s self-defense, I won’t hurt him . . . at any point in the future. Okay?

Kale: . . . I think I need to not be alone. Although if your in-laws have anything in the cupboard that cuts down on panic attacks? I might also need . . . all of it.

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Sheesh this is why you talk to your partner. You can’t assume these things. “Hey I thought you’d like a breakfast sandwich so here you go” is a much different spontaneous romantic action than “hey babe remember that guy who hurt you? I stabbed him! :)”

I mean the consequences are hugely different but assuming your partner wants a breakfast sandwich without actually having sufficient prior knowledge of their tastes and preferences and inclinations towards breakfast sandwiches and/or surprises easily results in the other party being awkwardly uncomfortable because now they have a breakfast sandwich they don’t want and they’re forced to either be stuck with it or to potentially hurt the other person’s feelings with a rejection.

So, y’know, it’s just all around a bad idea to do that kinda thing.

if your in-laws have anything in the cupboard that cuts down on panic attacks? I might also need . . . all of it.

I hope Ceannis has over-the-counter Anxiety remedies…

Yeah, weed tea. Well, bhang chai, but bhang is cannabis.

(Disclaimer: Everything I learned about weed I learned from cultural osmosis, I don’t know if a stoned Kale is actually likely to be a chill Kale.)

I am given to understand that it depends on the provenance of the marijuana. **Google-Fu ensues**. Indica strains are high in CBD and low in THC, making them good for relaxing mentally as well as muscles, treat acute pain, and are generally intended for ‘nighttime’ use.
Sativa strains are high THC, low CBD, and have anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties, as well as treating chronic pain.

So now we need to make sure Dex doesn’t time travel to meet Kudzu anytime in the PAST. (Kudzu because that was his name then.)

You know, watching Dex talk to and about their husband, I’m struck by something. Back when I first started dating my wife, I said to one of my uncle’s that I was having trouble understanding some of her idiosyncrasies, but that I “Love her to death”. While I can’t remember his exact words, he pointed out that talking about her that way sounds like it could be a problem as well. The way Dex keeps saying all these adjectives about Hermosa, I’m wondering if there’s the same deal.

Actually, if Dex travels to the past and Kudzu learns what’s in store, that would save a lot of pain.

That’s easy to think. But if Kudzu didn’t go through all that nonsense, Northwind Prisrmaceuticals is still in action, still being evil. It’s my understanding that Kudzu’s moment was a net good, even though he did so in a manner that got him to be publicly known as a major villain. Everyone Kudzu killed was actively exploiting people and causing problems on a large scale. He also blinded two people, with one of them being himself.

That seems like a pretty major win, even if it sucks for Hermosa and Kale. I’m not entirely certain about how I feel regarding Dex. Just because someone has secrets doesn’t mean they’re bad. But going to deal with Kale without having had this conversation with Hermosa? Or having had this conversation n-1 times and still gone through with it?

The bigger picture isn’t pretty, but we still need to keep it in mind.

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