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Can’t You Read The Signs 12/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 12/15 published on 25 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 12/15


Elisa (signing): I’m not a minority sexual orientation just because I don’t want to have sex with any random stranger! Or even any random friend-of-a-friend.

Leif (signing): Not just any random friend! Specifically the prettiest man on Earth!

The other only person I know wouldn’t want to sleep with him is Katya — and she’s nonsexual.

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So, I usually lurk, but I wanted to stop and say thanks to Erin for including explicit asexual representation – you’ve done a great job with all aspects of this storyline, but this in particular meant a lot to me.

Glad to hear it, and thank you for delurking <3

Trivia: the Katya moodboard I posted, more than a year ago, was deliberately themed in the ace-flag colors. So I’ve been waiting at least that long for a good reason to explicitly bring it up in-strip.

So is bi/pan the majority sexual orientation in Sønheim, or all over The World?

It may well be that this is based off data the boss has that shows the numbers in our world are skewed because of bad reporting data.

It’s the assumed default, and it’s a very large subset of the population. I don’t have exact numbers in mind, but the important thing is that everyone who’s “technically bi, but closeted/rounding it down to straight for social reasons” IRL would just be “multisexual, obviously” in this world.

I think straight/gay people are more common than a lot of the characters assume, because there’s no way for a person on the street to be visibly Not Bi, in contrast to how (in our world) a person in a same-sex couple is visibly Not Straight. Still, there’s no prejudice or hatred about it. At worst, some odd misconceptions.

Leif, as a gardener you should know that a precious bloom for one person might be a weed for another. Not to say that Elisa doesn’t/wouldn’t find Thorn attractive, but to you he may be a rose and to her he might be more on the line of a daisy.

I mean, yeah, obviously, but the whole him being still in the puppy love and “my bf is so friggin beautiful how could one not want to shag him to death and beyond” phase is actually pretty cute.
It is most assuredly stupid, but it’s rather cute.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that in reality nonsexuality is more common than monosexuality. Most people have got someone of their non prefered sex that they would goink.

I respect nonsexuals. Especially pro-romantic nonsexuals. I kinda get it. Goinking is mildly gross. Fun as hell, but just like drinking, which is not fun for me and also mildly gross, i can see why it’s not for everyone.

I’m pretty sure “nonsexuality” and “monosexuality” are two points on the plane of sexuality and noone is exactly AT them but all around the plane. Now, if someone is 0.4999 on “preferring men” and 0.4 on “preferring women”, is he nonsexual, monosexual or bisexual?

(Unless it’s not plane but has even more dimensions.)

Do you mean that in the sense of 49.99% into men and 40% into women? Because that’s just bi. (Or pan, or whatever other word the person wants to use.) It’s a broad category, it doesn’t only mean “people whose attraction to each gender is perfectly mathematically equal.”

Gay, straight, and ace are more-specific labels, it’s true, but I wouldn’t call them single points. For all of them, people can have a variety of experiences and still decide they belong in the same category.

I am generally unhappy with the idea of humans categorizing humans. It leads to problems.

Yes it does. But our brain is wired in way which makes it necessary. Basically, we don’t have enough mental capacity to deal with world around us without dividing it into categories, people included.

Also, it’s not categories themselves which are problem. It’s giving too much importance to them.

I meant on the axe between nonsexual and into men on 49.99% and on axe between nonsexual and into women 40%. So, closer to nonsexual in both cases, but almost half, and also small difference between how he’s into men and how into women … it’s artificial example of someone who IMHO could describe themselves as ANY category and it would work.

People can obviously decide they belong in the same category, but the borders between those categories are basically nonexistent, which is just one of many reasons why it’s bad idea to reduce those people just to that category even if they chosen it themselves.

Eh, people *can* use whatever words they like no matter what, and the borders between them are definitely fuzzy — but if you use them in a wildly inconsistent way, people are going to raise eyebrows.

Low attraction is not non-attraction, and lopsided attraction to men vs. women is not the same as exclusive attraction to anyone. So I would privately roll my eyes if this hypothetical person described themselves as anything but bi/pan.

To be clear, for any lurkers reading this…the only comments getting deleted are the kind that say “anyone who thinks they have different experiences from me is wrong and stupid.”

After all, if this comic has one theme, it’s “people are different, and that’s cool.”

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