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Can’t You Read The Signs 13/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 13/15 published on 7 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 13/15

Elisa (signing): Wow . . . he’s so hot to you that it really messes with your common sense.

That’s totally sweet and romantic and I forgive you now.

But if he makes this payment, and then he does try something, I would have to . . . This is a lot! Do you really trust him that much, or do you just want to trust him?

Leif (signing): He hasn’t paid to try anything with me yet, so yeah, I trust him.

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It’s actually something I’ve been wondering about… If Thorn pays for the sex package but doesn’t make a move, the rentee isn’t zapped, right? I’ve been wondering why (besides Erin torturing us) he doesn’t pay for the package with Lief and let Lief take the lead. I understand that at a certain point in any escapade, there might come a point of no return, and I know it bothers him that Lief couldn’t say no without getting zapped, but if he never issues an order, then Lief is never disobeying… They could tape Thorn’s mouth shut, if he’s that afraid of overstepping…

paying for the ‘sex me up’ package is a form of order. There is an implication there that Thorn isn’t comfortable with when he’s buying the time of someone he has actual feelings of lust towards which, ironically, means he’s more comfortable buying the package with someone he’s less emotionally-tied to.

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