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*Pulls up the Strangelove set*

People, we must speculate here, this is the war room!

Fuel for the speculation fire:

Katya assured Leif that it’s only stupid to bring up Subversive Thoughts (Asking Thorn to steal Elisa) with “someone you don’t trust to hear it.” Katya was then visibly disappointed when Leif responded badly, thinking Katya was making fun of him. (Landslide Bring Me Down 47-49)

Katya was unsurprised and quick enough to suggest a plausible theory to Obedient Embassy Pet Leif to keep him from blowing up that, all of a sudden, the servants can touch Iona without direct orders. ( Sweet Summer Children pages 14-16)

During the plot of Watching Over Me, Katya discovered that Thorn knows Sønheim sign(page 20), and probed the rest of Thorn’s Team, coming to the conclusion that knowledge of Sønheim Sign is not standard.(page 22) Katya’s internal response was “Thorn is downright subversive” and she was ready to accuse Leif of giving Thorn the idea that the Servants may want defending. She then remembered that Leif is “… a good obedient pet who would never subvert the wishes of the embassy.” and drops it, describing Thorn as “pleasant” instead. (page 24)

Here’s the big one: Borrowing Limits. Katya needs numbers and maps and research done… needed all of this from a non-embassy terminal. And whatever they constitute, Leif’s sense of self-preservation hand-gagged Leif’s shoulder ‘angel’ because what Katya wanted to know was ” …definitely legal and totally ethical and so we have no reason to think too hard about it.” (pages 14-15)

Whatever the plan is, Elisa is apparently in on it, and thinks that her leaving early could be a problem.

My guess: Elisa was/is going to be a person on the outside, using the map coordinates that Leif looked up to get tools to further destabilize the compulsion machinery that already was damaged by something Katya did. BEFORE the update for Summerfest, Leif was shocked by his compulsion gem, AFTER the update, he can touch Iona, but is still shocked by exceeding Thorn’s purchased plan.

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