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Can’t You Read The Signs 15/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 15/15 published on 6 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 15/15

Elisa: Sorry!

Elisa (signing): If I leave the Embassy earlier than I expected, will it be a problem . . .

. . . for the things you asked me to do?

Katya (signing): I already adjusted when we found out that you’d have to leave later than expected, remember?

This will be fine.

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Yup, Katya’s definitely planning something. Now I’m just wondering if it’s just her who knows the full details of the plan or if she has shared it with some/all of the other servants (except Leif).

1: Mass Breakout: Katya is aware of a possible underground connection within Ceannis that she can use to get several of the servants out with. Leif is the only catspaw she has that can get information from the outside thanks to Thorn taking him out the most.

2: Intelligence Games: Katya is trying to smuggle intel into Ceannis regarding Sonheim’s capabilities or classified intelligence. Elisa was supposed to operate as her courier once she was released, but now she might have to find a new one now that Elisa might leave earlier than anticipated.

Considering she just said that she DID adapted to her getting out later than expected, and considering Elisa is going to Sonheim after released … maybe it’s smuggling in other direction – Katya smuggling something from Ceannis to some servant group in Sonheim, possibly weapons – or maybe just informations. Maybe both – informations how to make weapons.

To be fair making weapons isn’t exactly a problem in a setting like this, considering that they’re still using crossbows and blades as their primary equipment in small-unit engagements. The real game is fighting effectively, so it’s odds-on intel she’s trying to smuggle.

I wanted to suggest it might be magic weapons but Ceannis magic weapons wouldn’t WORK in Sonheim … would they? Is it possible she’s trying to smuggle some magic research on something working in Sonheim? Maybe not weapons but something disrupting the compulsion chips?

I don’t think intel about Sonheim would be public on Ceannis net, on the other hand, the stuff Leif was finding for her was certainly just part of it, not whole … so yes, it could be also something Ceannis intelligence found about Sonheim.

Also, crossbows don’t need to be so primitive. Design of something like Burleigh & Stronginthearm Piecemaker Mark IX (if actually possible – a small, foldable crossbow that makes no noise when shot, and can be easily concealed within a pocket) might be useful for them.

Last alternative I want to mention would be she’s smuggling specifically something about how to kill VAMPIRES.

… now, I hope Erin wouldn’t rewrite the plot because I hit something 🙂

Late response.

Sønheim can build dual-boot Magic Weapons to work on both sides of the Honking Great Mountain Range, and IIRC, Sønheim has the more advanced spelltech, in addition to Sønska mining concerns owning all the spelltech quality gem mines on the continent as of the final page of Landslide Bring Me Down

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