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Can’t You Read The Signs 3/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 3/15 published on 10 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 3/15

Leif: Hi, Elisa!

Elisa (signing): Hey, Leif! Long day?

Leif: I can’t see what you’re saying without my glasses.

Elisa: Oh! Sorry.

Leif: Hey, I’ve been looking this up — did you know Sønheim sign is considered a real language?

Elisa: Um . . . yes?

I’m a native user.

Leif: There are native users?

Elisa: Yes! Because it’s a real language!

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He goes out of his way to take the furthest stall… then shouts over to her?

When he took the furthest stall he was using their cultural default. He had no idea she would initiate a conversation.

They aren’t far enough to need real shouting, although they will have to make themselves heard over shower noises. Those don’t look like super-loud showers. (I’ve used water-saving shower heads that hiss loudly but they looked nothing like these.)

He probably only registered “person” until he got close enough to see it was her. I do that a lot. I end up being too busy trying not to make eye contact in the world to notice that person is one of my people and ok to talk to. … It’s a social anxiety thing.

Hmm, is this (Leif’s ignorance of Sonska sign) indicating that Leif is not a native of Sonska as was implied in the ‘L&T in space’ side story?

I’m fairly sure Leif was born in Sønheim, even if he’s not a ‘citizen’. He claims to have grown up in Hammer Falls, which is nearer to Lady Stanzia’s Castle, which was formerly in Skagendal (Saturday Sketchbook – World Map) than to the capital of Sønheim. Skagendal was anexed by Månborg 180 years ago, and Månborg was annexed by Sønheim sometime between then and the events of Vampire Masquerade(See Vampire Masquerade:Page 10/66.

His ‘ignorance’ of Sønska sign has always been in the context of “This is Servant Sign. I learned it as a servant. It’s a coincidence that deaf Sønska use the same hand forms.”

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