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Can’t You Read The Signs 5/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 5/15 published on 23 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 5/15

Leif: Oh, hey, speaking of your contract being short . . I have good news!

I asked Thorn if he would rent you for an afternoon, to help pay it off, and he said yes!

Elisa: Really? Wow!

Leif: Rentals aren’t cheap, either. This should cover more than half your unpaid debts.

If he pays for the premium sexual-contact add-on, you could be home visiting your dads by next week!

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Leif, engage BRAIN FIRST. ::eyeroll::

Also: As if Thorn would.

Idk, I think it’d be very likely Thorn would **pay** for it, to help someone out. He absolutely wouldn’t act on it, though.

Also, she looks traumatized at that suggestion. Please tell me she hasn’t been assaulted 😢.

Going by the story line warnings at the start of the chapter I’m going to have to say she probably has.

Leif, so help me, the next words out of your mouth had best be something along the lines of,”Not that he’d expect anything extra for the price. He keeps adding that to my contract just because he likes paying down my debt. Doesn’t even ask about engaging in those activities.” Or…

I’m not sure what I’d do to back up that threat. Give Leif a very disappointed look?

Is he? I don’t think there was that many cases where Thorn rented Leif with sex add-on yet.

In any case, bad idea: remember the compulsions. Thorn would not only need to not ask, he would need to be careful to not imply something by mistake …

Last time Thorn and Leif went on the town, Thorn mentioned that he already had a few reservations locked in already. that same visit was when Leif Zapped himself to make sure his compulsion gem was still working.

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