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Can’t You Read The Signs 9/15

Can’t You Read The Signs 9/15 published on 8 Comments on Can’t You Read The Signs 9/15


Elisa: Leif! What did you mean? What are you talking about?

Leif: Go away.

Elisa: You can’t say that and not explain —


Leif: I can now. It’s quiet hour, and the lights are out.

Elisa: Deaf culture is always having a lamp on hand.

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What? It didn’t seemed as difficult concept, what is to explain?

Unless mind blown, which appears to be the case.

These explanations tend to be fairly easy, though tedious – you just need to reassure the person long enough that they heard what they thought they heard.

But then, there are times when they’re *not*… and then they can be very difficult to give. At this point, you are needing to explain to somebody that white isn’t inherently good, or that up isn’t always the way out of a cave – both true points that go contrary to some people’s deeply held beliefs. To explain these things, you may need to find a crack in their belief, and lead them all the way through it.

Well, apparently, enough that “what specifically did Leif mean” got 23 comments’ worth of discussion and debate a couple strips ago…

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