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Character vs Inspiration: Kale, Iona, Woman in Black, Dexie, Hermosa…and Sven!

Character vs Inspiration: Kale, Iona, Woman in Black, Dexie, Hermosa…and Sven! published on 18 Comments on Character vs Inspiration: Kale, Iona, Woman in Black, Dexie, Hermosa…and Sven!

Avoided this group as long as possible, but by now I’ve kinda done all the rest, so.

They’re less “inspired by the traits these characters had in canon” and more “inspired by the traits I imagined for these characters, then it turned out they weren’t going to fit in canon at all, so I imported them into some OCs where they’d never be jossed again.”

Kale: . . . listen, I don’t want to talk about it.

Iona: Does it count as inspiration if there was only, like, one canon detail to go on in the first — But yeah, don’t want to talk about it.

Woman in Black: Don’t want to talk about it . . . not that you’d remember anyway . . .

Dexie: Do not want to talk about it.

Hermosa: Definitely don’t want to talk about it.

Sven: Hey, folks! What’s this we’re not talking about?

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What… What are we not talking about? If it’s a YA dystopia novel I probably have no clue which one

They’re not talking about Welcome to Night Vale. The ‘inspirations’ I can suss out from my memories:

Kale is based on Kevin, who is initially described as a Cecil’s double physically. He’s a radio show host for Desert Bluffs’ Community Radio, describes the photo of Cecil he sees in a weakly positive manner, and is associated with The Smiling God. he is described as either having no eyes, or obsidian black eyes.

Iona is based on Janice Palmer. She was born with spina bifida, leaving her unable to walk.

The Woman in Black is loosely based on The Man in The Tan Jacket, who always has important information to impart, but no one remembers his face, but they DO remember his tan jacket and that he was around.

Dex is supremely loosely based on Cecil, who is a Radio Show Host on Night Vale Community Radio, and always speaks in glowing terms about his partner Carlos, and describes Kevin’s photograph in decidedly negative manner.

Hermosa is loosely based on Carlos, who, as far as I’m concerned because of where I pulled the ripcord on WtN, is in a happy relationship with Cecil.

And Sven is loosely based on Steve Carlsberg.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I read all the way to the end of Erin’s WtN stuff, and they were fine. Admittedly, checking back in, I don’t remember the last actual chapter, but they’re still fine there.

What do you mean those were fanfics? Never mind, I don’t want to talk about it.

>Hermosa is loosely based on Carlos, who, as far as I’m concerned because of where I pulled the ripcord on WtN, is in a happy relationship with Cecil.

…now I’m scared. I’m re-listening to the series while I work on my final projects for graduation. I started at the beginning because I couldn’t remember where I left off, but I do remember leaving them in a very happy, devoted relationship…

Do you remember roughly around when did you stop listening?

The first one I didn’t listen to was Fashion Week, because Carlos had gotten really sketchy in the one before about when he was coming home

Also worth noting that I also read Thorn as Carlos and Leif as Cecil, and they read like Erin trying to fix that relationship (not a bad thin, I also want to fix that relationship), while Dex and Hermosa are what we were worried was actually happening

Now I’m just wondering how I never noticed the bottom row…

In hindsight it’s obvious, and I very much noticed the first three.

(You made the right call in dropping the podcast when you did; I managed about another year and decided that was it, that was enough of an ending and I was done.)

(…holy heck those were in 2015 and 2016 respectively.)

Erin, do you mind saying why you dislike Night Vale now? Or if you’ve already talked about it somewhere else, you could just link that.

I really don’t want to dwell on the full list of Things This Show Did That Made Me Sad, because I am actively trying to use that brainspace for, you know, non-sad things. But the highlights (lowlights?) were:

“I know we talked about space and boundaries and all of that […] but I have made an important scientific discovery, and you know the rules are different when an important scientific discovery is made.”

[i.e. the active jossing of fandom’s hopeful/increasingly-desperate interpretation of “he’s a thoughtful and respectful person who cares about boundaries, he only seems like a callous asshole in this scene (and that one, and this one, and that other one…) because he’s a neurodivergent cinnamon roll who has trouble figuring out where they are”]


“I… did not prepare for the Sphere. It’s not that I forgot, i-it is that I do not care, and I’m not afraid. I don’t know. I wear leather pants and a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball hat made of honeycomb. I just wore the same thing I slept in last night. If I get ingested by a fashion-conscious Sphere for wearing comfy casual clothes, then that’ll just be what happened to me.”

[not the lines themselves, but the fact that his season-long arc of increasing depression got to the point of announcing his suicidal ideation live on-air, and nobody cared]

[[if I ever write a Leif & Thorn storyline where Dex is that depressed, you can bet Hermosa will be moving heaven and earth to get them safe]]

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