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Character vs. Inspiration: Lord Imri

Character vs. Inspiration: Lord Imri published on 10 Comments on Character vs. Inspiration: Lord Imri

It’s pretty obvious Imri’s design is from the same mold as Sebastian Michaelis or Hellsing’s Alucard.

But y’know, for all the visual similarities…I don’t think they’d get along very well.

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Sebastian: Do you voluntarily dress like that? And it’s not part of an impeccably planned con?
Alucard: I hear he writes stories about vampires who play to the most pathetic of human tastes. They even sparkle.

Imri: Between our estate and our small army of shell companies, my wife and I are the bosses of hundreds of thousands of humans. Plenty of those, we can kill with total impunity. How many humans do you own?
Sebastian: *cough*
Alucard: …No comment.

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“…we can kill with total impunity.”

Hopefully not just for funsies… that’d be a waste of resources, Imri.

Hey, recreation is a perfectly valid use of time and energy. Especially when you’re an important economy-boosting job-creator like Imri.

I’ve only seen the abridged version, but I feel like Alucard would say something along the lines “None, but why bother when I can go get one when I need to?”

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