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Character vs. Inspiration: Rhódon

Character vs. Inspiration: Rhódon published on 8 Comments on Character vs. Inspiration: Rhódon

She’s the King Arthur of Ceannis, which means that over the centuries she’s been iconofied. And talk about an iconic Look.

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Rose: I…don’t see the resemblance, I’m afraid.

Madoka: Me neither, sorry…

Rhódon: Oh — that’s because you’re looking at realistic, historically-accurate Rhódon. Compare that with artistic depictions of legendary Rhódon.

Rose: Gotcha.

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So it’s like White Jesus?

Don’t think so, because there’s also Black Jesus, Asian Jesus, and Indian Jesus. This is more Arthurian mythologized history. Note the armor; historically accurate and fitting with the period above vs romanticized imagery on the bottomg

then again, Artistic!Rhódon’s isn’t that far separated from what Thorn and his team wears day-to-day…

Either way, I didn’t realize Rhódon was ALSO inspired by Madoka… but that may be a result of only tolerating one watch of Puella Magi Madoka Magica… Watched the whole thing in one sitting… Which makes it a bit fuzzy, and I didn’t sleep that night, but I DID spend the night writing thank-you-for-caring notes to all my friends.

Nah, White Jesus is specifically perpetuated by folks who are prejudiced against Middle Eastern and/or Jewish people, and can’t or won’t deal with the fact that their hero is one of them.

There’s no unfortunate racial dynamic going on with Rhódon, she’s just getting drawn fancier and cleaner and more portrait-ready than battle-ready.

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