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Constellations of Ceannis

Constellations of Ceannis published on 19 Comments on Constellations of Ceannis

Chalice – Cleidhe
Ship – Loingeas
Horn – Adharcach
Exile – Fògair
Axe – Tuagh
Rose tree – Craobh-ròs
Knife – Scian
Dreamer – Aislingiche
Compass – Iùlag
Raven – Fitheach
Hunting dog – Cù-seilge
Mountain – Beinn

Pole star: Reul-eighre
Its constellation: Mirror – Sgàthan

Holly: This is the night sky over Ceannis, with the Ceannic names of some major stars and constellations. We use them for navigation (especially at sea), and to mark time. Our year is divided into twelve months, named for twelve of the constellations.

Also, magic! Star-based magic is a hard kind to master — but one of the most rewarding after you put in the effort! Any questions?

Thorn: I have one . . . why do we have to wear shirts with our signs on them for this discussion?

Holly: It’s an important directive from the stars! Now put on these headbands and paint yourselves grey.

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sighs heavily/ Is there no escaping refs to “that thing”? (not a homestruck fan)…

So this world has a Homestuck equivalent? What’s that like? (Aside from not having all the references to magic being fake.)

Well, there are different things that are fantastical and imaginary from this world’s perspective. Like “airplanes” and “rabbits.”

…I still haven’t worked out the details of their “brightly-colored stupidly-complex new-media series about teenagers with superpowers that all the kids are into”. Eventually we’ll have a Holly-centric storyline, so I’ll have to fill that in…if only to know what accessories the hip teen furries are wearing in Ceannis these days.

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